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      Pop Savvee Clothing is a popular lifestyle brand for everyday people. The clothing brand was created by two brothers in 2017, and is based in Houston, TX

      Initially, Pop Savvee started in Los Angeles as a t-shirt business idea, using popular statements and quotes. But, instead of entering the Streetwear industry as trend followers, we moved forward as trendsetters. After months of considering different brand names, we eventually came up with the unique name, "Pop Savvee Clothing." And, this great idea eventually grew into the popular lifestyle brand that it is today.

      Before going into production, we identified our target market and competitors. We merged high-quality material with simple graphic designs to exhibit our creative and innovative ideas. We introduced the world to the “PS Dot Logo” design and the “Rectangle Logo” design, courtesy of our quality t-shirts and snapback hats. We followed up our product release with a savvy, online platform to market and distribute all of our merchandise.

      But life wasn’t all peaches and cream. Our mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and it was progressing very quickly. So in 2017, we made a quick decision to relocate from L.A. to Houston to provide more care for her. Unfortunately, she passed later that year. But, we stayed on our purpose... And continued to push the Pop Savvee brand to the top!

      Since our inception, we have built a strong following, offline and online. We have participated in various music and fashion-related events, such as: Boss Life Experience in Houston (2018), Screwfest in Houston (2018), ReggaeFest in Houston (2018/2019), ComplexCon in Long Beach (2019), Sourcing At Magic in Las Vegas (2020), TrapFest Music Awards & Fashion Show in Atlanta (2020), etc.

      Our creativeness has extended past our own brand. We've assisted a few other local brands in designing, creating and printing their own apparel as well. And, we've also had the great opportunity of gifting celebrities and entrepreneurs such as the late Nipsey Hussle, music mogul/entrepreneur Master P,  music mogul/entrepreneur 50 Cent, actor Branden Wellington from “Orange Is The New Black," etc.

      Although we demonstrate a strong love and relentless passion for fashion, we've never attended fashion school or taken any fashion classes. We've always just had a knack for fashion... Ever since our introduction to classic fashion brands like: Ralph Lauren Polo, Levis, Guess Jeans, etc.

      Over the past few years, Pop Savvee has given back to the community in many different ways. In 2017, the 1st year of our launch, we gave several donations to various local organizations during Hurricane Harvey. Fast forward to 2020... We’ve helped raise funds for homeowners who have become unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have also donated to the "Equal Justice Initiative" and the "Know Your Rights Camp" to help prevent police brutality in the United States.

      "Popular, Not Famous"

      So, what does "Pop Savvee" mean? 

      The answer is simply this... "You are popular by skill or trade, and savvy by experience."

      So, what's our motto?

      Our motto is... You don't have to be a celebrity to be popular or to be admired. You can be popular by simply being yourself.

       What makes you popular?

      Your character traits... Love, kindness, forgiveness, patience, loyalty, respect, responsibility, creativity, etc.

      Your personality traits... Ambition, self-confidence, self-discipline, perseverance, humbleness, generosity, honesty, courtesy, friendliness, etc.

      Your work ethics... Hard work, diligence, reliability, positivity, effective communication, goal-oriented, etc.

      And of course... Your expertise... Your passion... Or, whatever you're good at in life.

      Remember... Everyone's DNA is different. So in essence, you are unique... Which ultimately makes you the flair.

      "The clothes don't make you... You make the clothes."

      "Invest in yourself"

      "Look good... Feel good"

      - pop savvee clothing




      So... Enough about us, and who we are. You are now free to browse through our Home PageCustom Page and other content-filled pages to have a wonderful shopping experience here at Pop Savvee Clothing

      Thank you in advance,

      pop savvee clothing

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